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Web Designing
This covers advanced web technologies like jquery, HTML5, CSS3, SEO, Responsive Designing etc. After completing the course students can create a complete website and host. It makes them to work independently even from home.

Web Designing is the process of building and maintaining websites. Web Designing includes different aspects like Front End coding, website wireframe, website layout design, color combinations, fonts, graphic design, webpage interactions etc. All websites are designed by Web Designer. A Web Designer build Visual, frontend/Client Side or User Interface part of a website. Front End includes writing mark up, style sheet, images, animated content, Interactions, and the Responsive web Design. Web Designing Tutorial starts from HTML and CSS, used to build website layout, and then JavaScript is used to add interaction and functionality.

STARRING* HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, Fluid grid layout, Php, Responsive / Bootstrap, Search Engine Optimization, & Typing.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Dreamweaver
Duration: 3 Months
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