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2D Animation
2D Animation is very interesting and easy to learn, even for a timepass and also professional purpose. In industry 2D Animation using in film titling now a days. For online advertisement, its an unavoidable thing. Its simplicity make more attractive and understanding for customers and cost effective for companies. Use creativity and technical skills to bring characters and stories to life as a 2D Digital Animator. 2D Animation creates movement in a two-dimensional artistic space. Work in the field of 2D Animation requires both creativity and technological skills

2D Animation focuses on creating characters, storyboards, and backgrounds in two-dimensional environments. Often thought of as traditional animation, the figures can move up and down, left, and right. 2D Animation uses bitmap and vector graphics to create and edit the animated images and is created using computers and software programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, and Encore. These animations may be used in advertisements, films, television shows, computer games, or websites.

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STARRING*Adobe creative cloud flash

Adobe illustrator
Adobe Flash
Adobe Audition
After effects
Duration: 3 Months
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